Project Plan Checklist and Schedule

When starting the project, Joe will review and analyze the schedule and project requirements, noting any concerns or constraints. The project will be broken down into individual tasks and placed in checklist form with key completion dates corresponding to the schedule.  The initial project plan and checklist will be distributed to the project team so that everyone understands their responsibilities and critical dates. This checklist along with the project schedule will be continuously updated and monitored to ensure the project remains on task and schedule.

Cost Control

Utilizing the initial project budget, we will monitor the scope of work and estimated cost throughout the course of the project. If necessary, we will utilize outside resources to ensure current market conditions are accounted for.

Permitting Checklist

During the project investigation phase, ILA will complete a project permitting checklist indicating the estimated review times and requirements for all regulatory agency approval requirements. All required permit forms will be obtained and available information filled in. Doing this early minimizes the potential for permitting delays and allows adjustments to be made to the project in order to avoid schedule problems.

Construction Documents

ILA employees various technologies to ensure that Construction Documents are clear and concise. Office-wide BIM standard is used to ensure consistency and coordination of project information.

Quality Assurance

Project Architect will manage the production and quality control of the construction documents. Construction documents will go through preliminary and final quality control review by an outside team member to ensure quality and will be responsible for comprehensive reviews of project milestones.

Construction Administration

ILA utilizes mobile web-based project management software, including Plan Grid, to ensure that current project information is available to the project team. Field reports, photos, RFIs, and punchlists can all be distributed to the project team quickly and maintained in one central location.

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Construction Administration

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