Our Story

Our Beginning

With a continuous history of architectural excellence tracing back to 1921, Ignarri Lummis Architects LLP is one of the oldest architectural firms in New Jersey.

  • Firm first formed in 1921 as Lackey & Hettel in Camden, NJ
  • Firm name evolved to Thomas, Kolbe, Thomas, Poponi in 1967
  • Firm name changed Kolbe, Poponi, Ignarri & Lummis in 1990
  • Firm name changed to Ignarri Lummis Architects & Planners in 1995
  • Name changed to Ignarri Lummis Architects, LLP in 2003

Ignarri Lummis Today

The firm initially specialized in regional education and public work. Over the years, while continuing to maintain a strong tri-state practice, Ignarri Lummis has expanded to provide high-quality services on a national basis, including retail, commercial, industrial, medical, custom residential and religious architecture. Ignarri Lummis is consistently recognized as one of the leading retail architectural firms in the nation.

Ignarri-Lummis Architects LLP is a nationally recognized architectural firm, licensed in all 50 states. Admired for our creative, problem solving and production capabilities, our clients also look to us to successfully manage all aspects of their projects.

Ignarri-Lummis Architects has a diverse project portfolio, with highly developed niches in retail and medical office design.

We have designed tens of millions of square feet of retail space across the country, from small boutique stores in malls to large retail centers, including both new construction and renovations to existing buildings. We have been continually named as one of the “Top Retail Architects in the United States”, and count some of the leading retailers and developers in their respective categories among our clients.

Our medical design studio has completed a wide variety of projects, from single practitioner dental offices to multi-story, multi-tenant medical office buildings. Each project is approached from the doctor’s vision of their practice. We take the time to understand the unique operational needs of their medical design practice and turn it into reality.

We recognize that successful businesses are built on successful relationships. We treat people the way we would like to be treated, and this creates value for our clients by being able to build a unified design and construction team, whose sole focus is to make our clients successful.

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